Here are some questions you may ask before you contact us.


What’s our potential student? 目标人群

Kids about 5 and up, and adults are welcome to register class here.


How do I know which grade/class should I go? 班级选择

We typically put your kid in one class approximately by age, and later your kid can be transferred to another level if the teacher thinks it would be appropriate. Parents may also help determine that.


What are the tuition and fees? 收费标准

We are non-profit and the operation is based on mutual cooperation, for the purpose of Chinese language learning and culture promoting. The tuition level is set and will be potentially adjusted to cover the costs of operations. The rate is about $250 per semester (3 hours*15 days), and could be adjusted either way.

我们是个非营利的互助组织,目的是学习中文和推广中文文化。收费标准的制定取决于运营成本。 目前(2017年)的收费是每学期250美元左右(涵盖15此课,每次3小时),但会根据实际双向调整。


What time/Where are you located? 时间地点

Time: 1:00 PM-4:00 PM Sunday.

Check out our calendar:

Address:  (inside IUPUI campus)

SL157, SL Building

723 W Michigan St, Indianapolis, 46202

Please be noted that the parking is not free, and you need to find a garage or meter.

时间: 周日下午1:00-4:00. 请点击查询我们的日历

地点: (IUPUI 校园内)

SL157, SL Building

723 W Michigan St, Indianapolis, 46202


What classes do you offer? 课程设置

On each class day (Sunday), Chinese learning classes are offered during 1:00 pm-3:00 pm; an optional extracurricular class (EC) is offered during 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm.

The EC options typically have dancing, arts, chess and so on. The options may subject to change due to teacher availability, but we will always try our best to find the right teachers.


What textbooks are you using? 教材选择

There are just too many options, but we have been using ShuangShuang Chinese for a while.

We don't think the choice of textbooks will make a lot of difference, rather, it is the rendition by the teacher, the hard working from the students, together with the involvement from the parents that make the difference!